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How To Fix a Broken Noga Magic Articulating Arm!

Fixing a broken Noga Magic Articulating Arm is actually not too difficult and can be done quickly and easily!

Posted on May 5, 2019 by JK4K 
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Noga makes some of the best magic articulating arms available. The Noga magic arms are very heavy duty and on an entirely new level compared to most of the articulating arms out there. I use Nogo Articulating Arms to hold lights, small cameras, monitors, and other production accessories. While using my Noga articulating arm, unfortunately one of the ends cracked and broke. I contacted Noga about the issue and they were nice enough to send me a replacement part. In this post, I am going to show you how I fixed my Hold It Noga Magic Articulating Arm.

How To Fix A Broken Magic Articulating Arm:

  • Remove the pin that is holding the broken piece in place.
  • Slide the pin over until you are able to squeeze the pin and pop it out.
  • Lift the broken piece out.
  • Place the new piece back into place.
  • Place the pin back around the new piece and push down.
  • Slide the pin back in place with a screw driver.
  • Features of the Noga Magic Articulating Arm:

  • Central locking knob
  • Variable friction load adjustment
  • Great for lights, small cameras, and small monitors
  • Rugged construction and lightweight

  • If you are interested in seeing my video where I repair the broken part on my Hold It Noga Magic Articulating Arm, please watch the video below or visit my YouTube channel JK4K!

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