Best Apple Watch 5 vs. Apple Watch 3 Comparison Chart

We cover all the new additions and improvements Apple made to the Apple Watch 5 vs. the Apple Watch 3 in our detailed information and comparison tables.

Posted on December 9, 2019 by JK4K 
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If you are looking to get a new apple watch and can't decide between the Apple Watch 5 and the Apple Watch 3, you have come to the right place. In this post you will see the new features that apple has put into the Apple Watch 5 that are not in the Apple Watch 3. We have also tried to put together the best side-by-side information and comparison chart comparing the Apple Watch 5 vs. the Apple Watch 3 in an easy to read format that covers the differences between the Apple Watch 5 vs. the Apple Watch 3. If you can, we do believe you should really try to get the Apple watch 5 over the Apple Watch 3 as there are a lot of major improvements over the Apple Watch 3.

New Features In The Apple Watch 5 vs. The Apple Watch 3

New Apple Watch 5 Feature Feature Description
Always On Display
The Apple Watch 5 allows for an always on display that keeps the display on for some of the general watch functionality and compatible apps.
The Apple Watch 5 has an FDA approved electrocardiogram feature (ECG or EKG). An electrocardiogram is a test that records the timing and strength of the electrical signals that make a heart beat. By utilizing the ECG provided by the Apple Watch 5, a doctor can gain insights about your heart rhythm and look for heart beat irregularities.
Apple Watch ECG EKG
The Apple Watch 5 has a built in compass that can be useful for navigation or other cases where a compass is useful.
Apple Watch Compass
Watch Faces
The Apple Watch 5 contains awesome new watch faces with multiple complications showing a wealth of information on the Apple Watch face.
Apple Watch 5 New Face
International Emergency Calling
The Apple Watch 5 with cellular allows for international emergency calling.
Apple Watch 5 Emergency Calling
Scroll wheel
The Apple Watch 5 has haptic feedback when scrolling.

Differences Between The Apple Watch 3 and Apple Watch 5

Watch Feature Apple Watch 3 Apple Watch 5 Apple Watch Difference Information
S3 32-Bit S5 64-Bit 64-bit processors can take in more than double the information of 32-bit processors and do more work at the same time, allowing the Apple Watch 5 to be faster and more efficient than the Apple Watch 3.
16GB - Cellular Version, 8 GB - GPS Only Version 32GB The Apple Watch 5 has double the max capacity of the Apple Watch 3.
Size - Thickness
11.4mm 10.7mm Apple Watch 5 is 7 mm thinner than the Apple Watch 3 in terms of the watch height.
Screen Size
38mm / 42mm 40mm / 44mm Screen sizes on the Apple Watch 5 are over 30% larger on both of the available sizes.
Screen Appearance
The Apple Watch 5 has smaller bezels, improving the appearance. Both have 1000 nits of screen brightness.
Screen Technology
OLED LTPO OLED The LTPO OLED display in the Apple Watch 5 is more power efficient than the OLED in the Apple Watch 3.
Optical Heart Sensor
Upgraded The Apple Watch 5 has an upgraded thinner optical heart rate sensor on the underside, which is now made of ceramic and sapphire crystal that provides faster readings and better cellular reception. It is also more comfortable to wear and makes the watch appear less bulky.
50% Louder The speaker in the Apple Watch 5 is 50% louder than the Apple Watch 3 speaker.
Same side as speaker Opposite side of Speaker The Apple Watch 5 microphone moved to the other side of the watch, opposite of the speaker, to help with echo and other interference issues.
Cellular Scroll wheel
Filled with red
Apple Watch 3 Cellular Crown
Red outline
Apple Watch 5 Cellular Crown
The dial on the Apple Watch 3 has a fully colored in dial while the Apple Watch 5 has a red outline / boarder on the dial.
Motion Sensors
The Apple Watch 5 features an improved gyroscope and accelerometer that measures up to 32 G-Forces vs 16 G-Forces with the Apple Watch 3.
4.2 5 Bluetooth 5 in the Apple Watch 5 is more power efficient and slightly faster than bluetooth 4.2.
W Chip
W2 W3 The W3 chip provides bluetooth 5 connectivity.
USB Power Adapter
Cellular Version Only All versions The Apple Watch 5 includes a usb power adapter with all versions.

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